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New Life Center

The residents of Estes Park deserve to have high-quality maternity care. At the New Life Center at Estes Park Medical Center we are honored to care for your growing family. In the New Life Center, you can expect skilled one-to-one nursing care in a family-friendly environment. Visiting hours are open and we welcome sibling visitation. We encourage you to participate in planning your birth experience and our goal is to help you achieve the labor and delivery experience you envision. While our nurses are trained to support a natural birthing process, rest assured that we also provide 24-hour-a-day anesthesia services, as well as obstetric and pediatric services if emergency care is needed.

24-hour-a-day OB Services

The New Life Center has two doctors to deliver our babies, and two pediatricians.
  • Martin Koschnitzke, MD is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 
  • Astrid Lampey, MD is Board Certified in Family Medicine including Obstetrics. 
  • Mark Wiesner, MD is Board Certified in Pediatrics.
  • Mark MacElwee, MD is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. 

Our Suites

Inside our secure birthing center, our suites are designed to be a soothing, warm environment complete with beautiful mountain views. During labor, parents-to-be have a variety of services to assist them including water therapy, birthing balls, and a nursing staff skilled in providing labor support techniques to help you stay relaxed and focused during your birth experience.

Each Suite is equipped with a:

  • Rocking/recliner chair 
  • Sleeper bed 
  • CD stereo 
  • TV 
  • VCR 
  • Jacuzzi Tub 


Safety for you and your baby is our first concern. No one can predict how your pregnancy or delivery will progress. Most progress without difficulty, but if problems occur, our doctors and nurses are highly qualified to manage those problems. Emergency medical equipment for you and your baby are provided in every room. A surgical services crew is on standby 24 hours a day when you are in labor.

24-hour-a-day Nursery Services

Parents are encouraged to have their baby’s room-in with them. All babies receive a hearing test to detect any impairment that could cause developmental problems later on.

For emergency neonatal transport, Children’s Hospital transport is utilized.

Post-Partum Recovery

Following your birth, our New Life Center is equipped for the support person to stay with mom, as well as the ability to provide all newborn care at your bedside while your baby rooms-in with you. This way we can teach you while we provide care to your baby, making an easier transition to those first few days at home. Lactation support is provided for breastfeeding support. Room-service style meals are provided for you and your guests on request, and new parents are treated to a special meal before they return home.


In the spirit of a small community, we begin getting to know you and your family during the first trimester by offering an individual, personalized “Early Pregnancy” session designed to give you the information you need to have a healthy pregnancy. Later, in the third trimester, we offer Childbirth Classes taught by a certified childbirth educator in a group setting where Dr. Koschnitzke can also give you information and answer your questions. 

For more information about the New Life Center or classes, please call us at 970-586-2317 x172 and ask to speak with an OB nurse.

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