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With a donation to the Estes Park Medical Center Foundation you can be satisfied knowing that you have helped friends and neighbors in our community stay healthy and recover from injury and illness.


It is only through your help that we are able to ensure vital resources are in place to provide the best possible care. Each gift enables the Medical Center to offer the wide-range of services necessary in our community and continue to be held up as a national example of high-quality care, compassion and friendly service.

Cardiac Monitors 

4 Units - $216, 000

The EPMC Emergency Medical Services Team needs four new Cardiac Monitors for its fleet of ambulances. Two ambulances have new monitors already. Cardiac Monitors are one of the most important pieces of life-saving equipment in the ambulance. They serve as an EKG to monitor the heart rate of patients, provide defibrillation, electrical cardio version, cardiac trans-cutaneous pacing, CO2 monitoring, non-invasive blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and CPR adequacy.

The existing Cardiac Monitors have recently been discontinued and are no longer being produced as of May 2017. These monitors will soon no longer be supported and rendered obsolete, which means repair options and normal maintenance will no longer be available. Your gift toward this project will ensure that we get the entire ambulance fleet outfitted with the newest and most reputable cardiac monitors within the industry. 

Trauma Stretchers 

3 Units - $54,000

The Emergency Department at EPMC needs three new Trauma Stretchers. The current stretchers in use are nearly 15 years old, and do not utilize the newest available technology. New Trauma Stretchers provide patient-facing benefits such as built-in radiology plates underneath,removing the need to reposition immobilized patients who may have undetermined internal injuries. This reduces the risk of patient harm, and eliminates risk of staff injury. Also, new Trauma Stretchers will enable patients to be weighed without removing them from the stretcher. There are certain medications used for trauma, stroke, and cardiac patients that are based on an accurate weight – using an estimate or the patient’s recollection can lead to improper dosing of medication.

Patient Transporters 

2 Units - $7,200

The Emergency Department at EPMC needs two new Patient Transporters. These transporters allow for better body dynamics for staff and patients. Their design reduces the need for bending, pushing, pulling, etc. – reducing staff back, neck and shoulder injuries. The transporters’ legs are more flexible, which enables them to be adjusted based on the injuries of the specific patient. Lastly, the new transporters are easier to disassemble and clean, which helps with infection control.

Crowns for the Care 

When you donate, please be sure to indicate in the "Comments or questions" field which of the following contestants you would like to receive credit for your donation:
  • Susan Fereday
  • Marsha Hobert
  • Denise Palacios
  • Diane Rambo
  • Claire Ray
  • Stephanie Sinnott
  • Sherry Unruh

Paint Estes Pink 

Paint Estes Pink is a community effort to raise awareness and funds for the Estes Park Medical Center's oncology department in the weeks leading up to the Rooftop Rodeo's Pink Night.

This year the focus is to underwrite costs to develop a Wound Care Clinic at EPMC. Many oncological patients receiving chemotherapy and/ or radiation therapy will develop will develop wounds that require ongoing treatment This clinic will provide greater access to wound care for EPMC patients.

Join Estes Park in support of cancer warriors and survivors during the village-wide campaign to help raise funds for the care and comfort of EPMC cancer patients. 

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